Matriarch Equipment

Matriarch FASTfell

Another simple, robust, and productive machine developed by Matriarch Equipment.

The FASTfell is a hydrostatically driven machine with a low center of gravity, a rubber-mounted air-conditioned operator cab with excellent all-around visibility and protection whilst in the operator workstation. This machine is fitted with the Matriarch MT50FH in-house developed felling head, equipped with a 750mm saw bar, using a 0.404 pitch chain, an auto-chain tensioning system, and which is capable of handling tree diameters of up to 525mm.

Manufactured using componentry supplied by some of the world’s leading OEM suppliers; product quality has been a key focus area in the development of the FASTfell, as with all other Matriarch products. The low capital acquisition cost coupled with low running cost on this unit makes it an ideal production tool for both clear-fell and thinnings operations whilst at the same time enhancing safety in the work environment within the compartment.

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